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Transport to Ghent

Transport to Ghent

By Airplane: The most important airport is ‘Zaventem’. Better known as ‘Brussels Airport’ From Brussels Airport there is a very good train connection to the Ghent train station ‘Gent Sint-Pieters’. A one way ticket costs €8,80. More info on train schedules:

By train: Ghent has very good connections by train. More info on trainschedules:

By car: You can reach Ghent by highways E17 and E40, or by various other main routes. Calculate your route on your GPS or online at, or any other itinary-website.

Transport in Ghent

Ghent has a very dense network of bus and tram lines. The main axe is Line 1, which connects the train station ‘Gent Sint-Pieters’ with all major locations in the city center.

To reach ‘Het Pand’ from Gent Sint-Pieters take Tram line 1 and get of at ‘Korenmarkt’.

See conference locations in Ghent city center.

Download more info on tram line 1.


Participants should arrange their own accommodation, e.g. through the website:


Suggested hotels close to the center:

(i.e. close to conference venue, Het Pand, and shopping area)

Hotels close to the train station and tram line 1

(Tram 1 has direct connection to the city center, appr. 10min.)